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Picking Out The Best Snow Shovel 2019

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The benefits of buying a snow shovel

The obvious benefit to buying a snow shovel is the fact that it shovels and/or pushes snow, thus clearing snow away from your driveway or sidewalk. But there’s more to it than that, which you can find out about on Delicious.

There are several different variations on snow shovels, most of which are intended to reduce back pain. And that’s what you want in a good snow shovel: less pain, combined with better shoveling. Essentially, the better the snow shovel, the less pain you’ll have and the more work you’ll get done in the least amount of time.

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What to look for when buying a snow shovel

When buying a snow shovel, consider the material it’s made out of. Plastic is traditionally less durable, but some modern plastics may be more than strong enough to get the job done. Metal is a tried and true option, but the downside of it is that it can bend. (Which is still preferable to the breaking of a plastic shovel, generally.)

Generally, snow shovels will be made of a cheaper plastic or metal for the most part, and then have a wear strip at the bottom to promote longevity and add some extra power to the shovel, which is why it’s generally preferable to go for one with a wear strip.

Some shovels are designed with ergonomics in mind. How this is achieved varies, but generally it involves innovations to the handle.

Go for a shovel with a wide blade to make for quicker work. Conversely, smaller blades are great for smaller applications or for those who can’t lift heavy shovelfuls of snow.

Tips on how to choose the best snow shovel for your needs

There are a few things to consider when searching for the best snow shovel for your needs. Keep in mind the following:

  • Choose a shovel made with durability in mind; generally, steel and aluminum components are preferred, but they are often in combination with plastic.
  • Wear strips made of quality material like steel improve shovel life.
  • Brightly colored shovels will help prevent losing a shovel in heavy snow.
  • Remember there are portable options for use on road trips.
  • A broad blade makes the work quicker, but can increase weight of each shovelful.
  • Opt for shovels with better ergonomics to reduce back strain and risk of injury.

Maxi-Matic EBK-200 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine Review

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The Maxi-Matic EBK-200 is a 3-in-1 breakfast machine with a coffee machine, hot plate, and toaster oven. This unit is the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of counter space available. You can find it for an average price of $35. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.

The Maxi-Matic EBK-200 3-in-1 breakfast machine also includes a griddle or hot plate. It has a diameter of six inches and provides the perfect place to fry eggs, sausages, or other breakfast foods. You will also like the fact that you can remove the griddle from the machine. This makes it very easy to clean.

The Maxi-Matic EBK-200 also includes a 650-watt coffee maker. It can brew up to four cups of coffee at a time. If you want to enjoy a cup before the pot is complete, you’ll be happy to know the machine offers a pause-n-serve feature. You can stop it anytime during the brewing process, then restart it after you have poured a cup.

The coffee maker also has a swing-out filter. You’re provided with a permanent filter, so you don’t have to keep buying the paper variety. You will need to clean this filter every time you brew a pot of coffee. The included carafe also needs to be cleaned out with warm soapy water frequently.

The Maxi-Matic EBK-200 breakfast machine is also fitted with a toaster oven. This 500-watt oven offers variable temperature settings. You can also set the integrated timer for up to 15 minutes.

There is also an indicator light so you can easily tell when the oven is on. The interior of the oven will need to be cleaned with a damp cloth periodically.

The Maxi-Matic EBK-200 3-in-1 breakfast machine is the perfect solution for saving space on your countertop and includes a coffee maker, hot plate, and toaster oven. The 650-watt coffee maker can brew up to four cups at a time. The griddle can also be removed for easier cleaning. The toaster oven offers variable temperature settings and a 15-minute integrated timer.

Purina Dog Chow Vs. Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food

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With three large dogs in the house, I know the value of a good dog food. Also, I don’t want to spend a small fortune to feed my animals. I have compared Eukanuba to Purina brand dog food. Here are my personal results.


Consumers comparing Purina Dog Chow to Eukanuba Large Breed will undoubtedly note the significant difference in price. At first glance, the Purina Dog Chow seems like so much a better deal. A large bag of dog food will run you about $20. The Eukanuba dog food in a similar size is nearly double the cost of the Purina Dog Chow. Who in their right mind would want to pay so much?

Well, it is in my opinion that the cost appears to be higher for the Eukanuba, but when you consider all factors, the rate is very similar to that of the Purina Dog Chow.

For example, my yellow lab weighs between 75 and 80 pounds. To maintain this healthy weight I must feed him approximately 2 to 2 and ½ cups of Eukanuba. On the other hand, he needs to eat about 4 cups of the Purina Dog Chow to keep the same appropriate weight. So, it may seem that you are paying half the cost for the Purina Dog Chow, but really you are feeding the food twice as quickly as the Eukanuba Large Breed variety. All in all, the cost is very similar.


My large labs have regular outputs when fed at the same time on a daily schedule, but the Eukanuba Large Breed formula reduces the amount of feces. The smaller outputs are easier to deal with and less mess during pickup. The large, messy stools my pets have when eating Purina Dog Chow are not suitable for ease of cleaning in the kennel area of my home.


For my dogs, I can tell an improvement in the dogs when they are on the Eukanuba Large Breed variety when compared to the Purina Dog Chow. The dogs seemed hungry on the Purina until the food increased to nearly double the quantity of the Eukanuba. The dogs’ coat appears to be shinier and softer on the Eukanuba dog food.

My working dog has a better overall attitude when in harness on the Eukanuba Large Breed diet. He always seemed hungry and distractible when on the Purina Dog Chow.

From my experience, Eukanuba Large Breed is top dog over Purina Dog Chow for my labs. Compare Eukanuba to the brand you are feeding and see if it is right for your pet. Always consult your vet about any change to your dog’s diet. Changing a dog’s diet gradually is best whenever possible.

The benefits of Eukanuba Large Breed have been easily seen in my dogs. Purina Dog Chow may work great for some pets, but my labs really respond well to the Eukanuba.

Stand Mixer Hacks

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If there is a stand mixer sitting in the corner of your kitchen collecting dust, then maybe you are a novice in baking. Or maybe it could be possible that you have not learned what your stand mixer can do. Maybe you do not know that what you have in your kitchen is the best kitchen equipment known to many. It could be that it is also the best stand mixer in town.


There is a whole lot thing a mixer can do. It does not exist just to mix wet and dry ingredients. It does not also only exist to beat eggs. Furthermore, it does not only exist to whips creams. So sit back and read on.

You probably know that shredding chicken breast is very time-consuming. However, with your stand mixer and its paddle beater blade, you can do so in no time without having to use your hands. Once the chicken is tender, beat the chicken until to the consistency of your liking.

Mashing potatoes are every tiring, let alone if you have a number of mouths to feed. Just put the potatoes into the mixing bowl and leave the rest to the mixer to do its magic. In no time, you have mashed potatoes for everyone.

For your cakes and other baked goods, you can cream your sugar and butter with the use of a stand mixer. There is no need to soften the butter entirely; the beater will do the work for you.

You can make burger patties with freshly ground meat with your versatile stand mixer. If you have purchased a food grinder for your stand mixer, grinding meat, grating cheese and making salsa will be fast and easy.

For whipped cream, chill the beater before using. This will add volume to your once flat whipped cream. Furthermore, no-churn ice cream will be available every day.  Even without the ice cream maker attachment, it is possible to have homemade ice cream anytime using the same technique for the whipped cream.

Who does not love s’mores? Marshmallow can definitely be homemade using your stand mixer. Attach your wire whip and whip away. Marshmallows never taste good unless it is homemade.

Have the fluffiest meringue for your cookies and cakes. Leave that to the stand mixer and the wire whisk. Making a meringue with a stand mixer is super easy and fast. No more tired arms from whipping and no more whipping for a long time.

Churning butter is now as easy as 1-2-3. Now, your stand mixer can work as a butter churn with the use of the wire whisk. Who could have imagined that it is possible?

Mill your flour right in the comfort of your own home by using the grain mill attachment. True that there is lots of flour in the supermarket that you can just pick up and buy. But who does not love to make one?

And speaking of flour, right after milling, go and knead dough for bread or pizza. It has become so much easier by using the dough hook. Kneading is now faster and effortless.

After kneading then maybe next is pasta? With the use of pasta roller and cutter attachment, make homemade pasta from the freshly-milled flour just a while ago. Nothing beats homemade!

Now that you have learned a few secrets, it is time to do these hacks using the best stand mixer.