Stand Mixer Hacks

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If there is a stand mixer sitting in the corner of your kitchen collecting dust, then maybe you are a novice in baking. Or maybe it could be possible that you have not learned what your stand mixer can do. Maybe you do not know that what you have in your kitchen is the best kitchen equipment known to many. It could be that it is also the best stand mixer in town.


There is a whole lot thing a mixer can do. It does not exist just to mix wet and dry ingredients. It does not also only exist to beat eggs. Furthermore, it does not only exist to whips creams. So sit back and read on.

You probably know that shredding chicken breast is very time-consuming. However, with your stand mixer and its paddle beater blade, you can do so in no time without having to use your hands. Once the chicken is tender, beat the chicken until to the consistency of your liking.

Mashing potatoes are every tiring, let alone if you have a number of mouths to feed. Just put the potatoes into the mixing bowl and leave the rest to the mixer to do its magic. In no time, you have mashed potatoes for everyone.

For your cakes and other baked goods, you can cream your sugar and butter with the use of a stand mixer. There is no need to soften the butter entirely; the beater will do the work for you.

You can make burger patties with freshly ground meat with your versatile stand mixer. If you have purchased a food grinder for your stand mixer, grinding meat, grating cheese and making salsa will be fast and easy.

For whipped cream, chill the beater before using. This will add volume to your once flat whipped cream. Furthermore, no-churn ice cream will be available every day.  Even without the ice cream maker attachment, it is possible to have homemade ice cream anytime using the same technique for the whipped cream.

Who does not love s’mores? Marshmallow can definitely be homemade using your stand mixer. Attach your wire whip and whip away. Marshmallows never taste good unless it is homemade.

Have the fluffiest meringue for your cookies and cakes. Leave that to the stand mixer and the wire whisk. Making a meringue with a stand mixer is super easy and fast. No more tired arms from whipping and no more whipping for a long time.

Churning butter is now as easy as 1-2-3. Now, your stand mixer can work as a butter churn with the use of the wire whisk. Who could have imagined that it is possible?

Mill your flour right in the comfort of your own home by using the grain mill attachment. True that there is lots of flour in the supermarket that you can just pick up and buy. But who does not love to make one?

And speaking of flour, right after milling, go and knead dough for bread or pizza. It has become so much easier by using the dough hook. Kneading is now faster and effortless.

After kneading then maybe next is pasta? With the use of pasta roller and cutter attachment, make homemade pasta from the freshly-milled flour just a while ago. Nothing beats homemade!

Now that you have learned a few secrets, it is time to do these hacks using the best stand mixer.

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