Purina Dog Chow Vs. Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food

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With three large dogs in the house, I know the value of a good dog food. Also, I don’t want to spend a small fortune to feed my animals. I have compared Eukanuba to Purina brand dog food. Here are my personal results.


Consumers comparing Purina Dog Chow to Eukanuba Large Breed will undoubtedly note the significant difference in price. At first glance, the Purina Dog Chow seems like so much a better deal. A large bag of dog food will run you about $20. The Eukanuba dog food in a similar size is nearly double the cost of the Purina Dog Chow. Who in their right mind would want to pay so much?

Well, it is in my opinion that the cost appears to be higher for the Eukanuba, but when you consider all factors, the rate is very similar to that of the Purina Dog Chow.

For example, my yellow lab weighs between 75 and 80 pounds. To maintain this healthy weight I must feed him approximately 2 to 2 and ½ cups of Eukanuba. On the other hand, he needs to eat about 4 cups of the Purina Dog Chow to keep the same appropriate weight. So, it may seem that you are paying half the cost for the Purina Dog Chow, but really you are feeding the food twice as quickly as the Eukanuba Large Breed variety. All in all, the cost is very similar.


My large labs have regular outputs when fed at the same time on a daily schedule, but the Eukanuba Large Breed formula reduces the amount of feces. The smaller outputs are easier to deal with and less mess during pickup. The large, messy stools my pets have when eating Purina Dog Chow are not suitable for ease of cleaning in the kennel area of my home.


For my dogs, I can tell an improvement in the dogs when they are on the Eukanuba Large Breed variety when compared to the Purina Dog Chow. The dogs seemed hungry on the Purina until the food increased to nearly double the quantity of the Eukanuba. The dogs’ coat appears to be shinier and softer on the Eukanuba dog food.

My working dog has a better overall attitude when in harness on the Eukanuba Large Breed diet. He always seemed hungry and distractible when on the Purina Dog Chow.

From my experience, Eukanuba Large Breed is top dog over Purina Dog Chow for my labs. Compare Eukanuba to the brand you are feeding and see if it is right for your pet. Always consult your vet about any change to your dog’s diet. Changing a dog’s diet gradually is best whenever possible.

The benefits of Eukanuba Large Breed have been easily seen in my dogs. Purina Dog Chow may work great for some pets, but my labs really respond well to the Eukanuba.

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